Huawei Mate V set to launch with a fold-in design

Huawei Mate V to launch with a fold-in design amongst other features.

Huawei Mate V to launch with a fold-in design amongst other features.

Huawei  have successfully introduced foldable smartphones to the tech market. Foldable smartphones are designed to open up to a tablet-like device. When folded, they assume the size of a regular smartphone.

In less than a month time, Samsung will announce the Galaxy Fold 2 smartphone. Like its predecessor, the Fold 2 will sport an inward folding build.

On the other hand, Huawei announced the Huawei Mate X last year then later released the Huawei Mate Xs earlier this year. Both devices debuted with a fold-out design, unlike the Samsung fold.

According to LetsGoDigital mentioned that the firm trademarked the ‘’Mate V’’ brand name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Rumours have it that the Huawei Mate V could surface with a fold-in design like that on Samsung foldable phones later this year.

It is speculated that the upcoming foldable smartphone from the Chinese firm could be named Huawei Mate X2. Since the smartphone will likely feature an entirely new design, the company may give it a different name and probably start a new series from there.

Some images of what the Huawei Mate V will look like have been shared, and the renders confirm the fold-in design that was earlier speculated.

Sometime in April, Huawei filed a patent of a foldable device with a fold-in design. The patent revealed that the phone would sport a massive inner display and a smaller display on the outside. It further showed that the phone would have a quad-camera set up on its rear side.

The company is yet to release the complete details of the smartphone as of now. However, the main display is rumoured to support a 120Hz refresh rate.

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